What is the average cost of mold remediation?

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The cost of mold remediation varies significantly depending on certain factors. The forces of demand and supply also come into play when costing mold remediation exercises. Service providers also set costs depending on the quality and scope of work. 

The average market across of conducting mold remediation per home is around $2,500. Of course, that figure is related to small houses. So, larger homes may go up to ten times more. That amount is no mean feat, so it is critical to get home insurance that includes protection from molds.  Eco-Green Mold Remediation does have a much better price point for their service to ensure you’re getting quality remediation while utilizing eco-friendly, pet-safe, and non-toxic solutions to remediate the mold in your property.

Now, let’s look at the factors that affect the costing of mold remediation:

  1. Materials infested

The level of infestation determines the cost of mold remediation. For example, if the extent of damage is unrestorable, more labor will be used to remove the infected materials.

Consequently, more labor means a surge in overall. Porous materials involve more work. The procedure involved in remediating them is also too technical, taking up more working hours. 

That translates to the final cost too.

Sometimes mold results from floods, which means the remediator needs to deploy heavy equipment, which costs money to transport and hire.

2. Size of the area affected by molds

Remediation companies charge per square feet of the space infested with fungi. But typically, they will clean a more significant area to stop the spread of mold.

Complexity plays a significant role in costing mold remediation activities. For example, basements cost high because of the risk factors involved.

A 100 square foot of basement mold remediation could cost something like $700 while the national averages for 200 square feet mold removal for floor and walls range from $1500 to $2500.

The cost of remediation also depends on the severity of infestation. More mold, more money! 

So keep watch to ensure that mold doesn’t reach dangerous levels.

Intrusive mold like those in air conditioning ducts cost higher than those in open surfaces. Expect to part with anything between $600 and $2,000 to remediate air conditioning.

Note that basement and attic mold remediation are sensitive and will push up the budget costs.

3. Cause of mold

The cause of mold largely determines the cost of remediation. When molds originate from open sewers or septic, the process to remove them is more complicated.

The costing of such mold removal will not fall short of $10,000. The reason for the high cost is because the remediator has to be thorough. That is because remediators are dealing with toxic molds.

Septic molds require advanced tests. Upon successful cleaning, remediators monitor to ensure that no regrowth happens.

4. Damage caused by mold

Extensive damage determines costs as well. When damage penetrates to water pipes, the work involved attracts higher prices.

It is challenging to remove molds lodged in pipe interiors and other deeper areas. Removing such mold may blow up costs to around $5,000.

5. Service Package

Each remediation company has its way of packaging its services. You will be surprised to find three exciting variations from quotes from different service providers. 

It could be something like $5,000, $8,000, and $14,000 for the same property. Do you give up if you get such quotations or go for the lowest?

Get this! The company giving a $14,000 quote could be right. It could have factored in all scenarios like getting more hidden mold in the process of cleaning. Or it is offering quality services as opposed to the others.

On the other hand, the company charging least would have their quote focusing on the scope of work defined by the customer. Be careful not to blindly pick lower costs as their work might not be comprehensive and lead you to further charges later on.

Another thing to consider is the flexibility of the quote. For example, a service provider with the lowest quote could have clauses on how to charge for extra work not defined in the initial scope of work. That is a brilliant way to reassure the customer in case of uncertainties.

Tip: Ensure that the contractor gives you a breakdown of what you are paying. Do not encourage round figures that don’t specify what it goes to do.

Also, when selecting a contractor, work with the owner, and not franchises. Working with the latter will cost you more than working with an owner because their overhead costs are slightly higher.

Do not make decisions without a plan. Always hire a licensed mold inspector to draft a protocol. The protocol spells out what everything entails, and it includes the scope of work and materials needed. 

A cool thing about involving an inspector is that the implementer of the protocol they draft is a third party. So no chance that an inspector will lie to you.

6. The Method Chosen

The method selected for mold remediation also determines costs. Some of the techniques used in mold remediation include physical washing, media blasting, or chemical washing.

A remediator may use one method or a combination of two or more. The more methods used, the higher the costs.

There are many procedures in between too. They include processes like inspection, containment, cleaning, and so forth. Each of these has a cost.

Generally, remediation works range from under $1,000 to $20,000. But all that is mainly dependent on the complexity, size, and location of the job.

Break down of Costs to Expect

Below is a sample of costs for major items to be used in mold remediation:

  • Emergency response for one handyman will cost approximately $80
  • Setting up of safety area at roughly $125
  • Scrubber hire for around $800 for three days
  • Dehumidifier hire at approximately $120 per day
  • Roughly $500 for microbial agents
  • Approximately $100 for Personal Protective Equipment
  • Roughly $300 for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Vacuuming
  • Removing bathroom mold at approximately $500 to $1,000

Take note that these costs vary from company to company. Always ensure that the variation isn’t so significant.


The average cost usually falls at around $1,500 to $2,500. However, that depends on many factors such as the complexity of the job, location, methods deployed, and so forth. When shopping around for a remediation company, ask for as many quotes as possible. From the quotes, make your analysis, go into details before making the ultimate selection. What’s important is to get the range since each company has a specific way of pricing their services.

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