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"We just bought an older house here in Melbourne and we found mold in the old A/C unit. The previous owners failed to maintain it properly, the UV light was not working for 5 years and the air filter was full of dust and had black mold inside. The air vents also had mold in them. So we looked into our options. We considered using Johnny's services and really appreciated his professionalism and care to give us honest advice. We ended up upgrading our AC unit and replacing the ducts, so we won't need to treat the ducts as previously imagined. However, we highly recommend using this company's services because of their unique green enzyme based technology and honest advice!"
Zachariah Stillwater

"Eco-Green went above and beyond to treat my home and make it safe and healthy. They explained the entire process, walked through the home with me, listened to what I needed and answered all my questions. They also were great in working with my schedule and coming back to test the air quality afterwards Living in Florida, mold is everywhere so I highly recommend that everyone has their home, office, and vehicles treated because the mold can make you extremely sick. I'm so thankful for their services and I love the peace of mind knowing that we can breathe easy. I personally think this is the kind of service that everyone should plan ahead to have done every year or 2 just as maintenance to keep your home/office/car/rv as healthy and clean as possible. I know a lot of businesses and hotels who could certainly benefit from this as well."

"Johnny is an outstanding character to do business with! He is honest, hard working and very good when it comes to problem solving. I have worked alongside him in the past and I can attest to his work ethic and to the value of his skills. If you need mold remediation I would recommend contacting him because he will try his best to take care of your problem!"
Brian Topp

"Johnny is by far the most professional and hard working man in this business. I know his work is the top quality and his work ethic is above all the rest. If you need any mold remediation or even just a highly qualified inspection, be sure to contact Eco-Green Mold Remediation."
Scott Nicks

"Johnny is an absolute pleasure to work with! He and his team respond to questions very quickly, and use the industry-standard tools to give you the best results. What I appreciate the most is the straightforward honesty I experienced. No hidden fees and has your health and home's good in heart. Def would recommend!"
Olivier Coq

"Dave and Johnny were most helpful with an eco-friendly and allergy friendly product to remove the mold in my home air system and cabinets. It took 2 treatments but they came back at no charge for the re-treatment and that is much appreciated! Very nice and helpful company!"
Summer Ostrom

"After calling multiple companies, Johnny and eco green came out the next day and took care of my mold problem. Good Contractors are hard to come by. Glad i found them."

"Johnny is very professional and a pleasure to work with"
Nick Danger