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Your ENTIRE Family Could Be In Grave Danger!

…And By The Time You Read This Letter, It May Be Too Late.

But instead of giving up hope, and letting this monster take any more lives, we decided to do everything we could to save at least ONE MORE person.

So here it goes…

According to a recent study, almost 600,000 kids under the age of 5 die EVERY YEAR from illnesses caused by contaminated air. 

The most severe and widespread of these contaminants is none other than nasty, stinky, mold (AKA the silent killer)…🦠

But it gets worse, because a different study showed that mold is found in close to 70% of homes in America, putting millions of people at risk for mold-related sickness (Asthma, Allergies, Sinus Infection, Headaches, etc.).

In other words, this problem isn’t going away on its own.

And with a deadly disease like Covid-19 taking over our country, the last thing you need is damaged lungs and a weak immune system from inhaling toxic mold spores.😷

So what CAN you do to protect your family from this *silent* pandemic? For a limited time, we’re giving FREE Mold inspections to every homeowner in Vero Beach & the surrounding areas. 

Plus, if we find any signs of an infestation, we’ll take $500 OFF removal services between now and the New Year! 

Sure, it costs us a fortune to do this, but if it saves just one person from being placed on a breathing machine, then we think it’s worth it. 🙏

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