Mold Remediation Near Me

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Mold Remediation Near Me

This page is for reference to those who entered, “mold remediation near me” into Google while having a property in the following locations:

Fort Pierce, FL, USA
Vero Beach, FL, USA
Sebastian, FL, USA
Port St. Lucie, FL, USA
Fellsmere, FL, USA
Gifford, FL, USA
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Palm Bay, FL, USA
Palm Beach, FL, USA
Jensen Beach, FL 34957, USA
Stuart, FL, USA
Melbourne, FL, USA

The latest and greatest in finding real, reliable, and relevant services near your current location, businesses should place an emphasis on marketing to these particular areas.

Eco-Green Mold provides Mold Remediation services to these locations.

Mold Remediation Near Me

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there is a 900% increase in searches that include the phrase, “Near Me.”

We at Eco-Green Mold felt that it was important to ensure that you’re getting the best possible matches for Mold Remediation Services for those in the aforementioned areas.

Basic FAQ:


What humidity grows mold?


55% or higher. Many species of mold can grow and thrive on humidity alone if the humidity level stays high for too long. Humidity levels need to be at 55% or higher before mold begins to grow.


What humidity kills mold?


35% or lower. The ideal temperature is between 77F and 86F degrees. During the summer months, temperatures are often higher than normal inside the home especially down here in Florida. Make an effort to keep temperatures inside the home lower during the summer months.


Is it safe to sleep in a room with mold on the wall?


The CDC, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strongly suggests against living with mold in the home. Respiratory tract symptoms that include coughing, wheezing, and swelling of the throat are all common side effects of living with mold. Those who have asthma and allergy problems are especially at risk.


How do you know if mold is in the walls?


A musty smell is a good indicator that mold is growing in your home. The scent of mold smells earthy, like rotting leaves or decaying wood. If you think there’s mold in your walls, get on your hands and knees and smell the electrical outlets.


Is mold damage covered by homeowners insurance?


Home insurance covers mold if a “covered peril” such as a flood or water leak caused the damage. In that case, your home insurance policy will likely pay for mold removal, repairs and clean-up.


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