Does Mold Remediation Work?

Does Insurance Pay for Mold Remediation?

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Does remediation work? let’s find out.

What is Mold? 

Mold is a fungal species made of hyphae — a threadlike filament that makes mycelium when grouped together. It usually develops in areas and spaces of a house where there is moisture, especially floors, ceilings, wall interior, bathrooms, kitchen, basements, ducts, chimneys, furnaces, AC units, air vents, and alike areas.

Eradicating this mold by carrying out mold remediation is very important as it can cause serious health problems. If you or any member of your family touches mold or inhales its spores, you may develop an allergy as the human immune system identifies mold as harmful.

Another reason to opt for mold remediation is of commercial nature. If you want to sell or rent out your house, you will have to face difficulty due to the moldy areas. Buyers nowadays ask for proof of mold remediation before making the purchase deal. And houses with moldy areas are offered low prices.

How Mold Remediation is Done?

Mold remediation is the only way to keep residents safe from allergens produced by mold as it completely eradicates it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you have a moldy area of less than 9 square feet in your house, you can remediate it yourself. Beyond that, you will have to hire professional mold remediation services.

Let’s discuss the steps involved in perfect mold remediation so that you can do it perfectly or make sure your mold contractor is doing it right.

1. Ventilation

The most important step involved in mold remediation is containing the mold and setting up proper ventilation to bar the mold from spreading to other areas. For this purpose, air filtration devices (AFDs) are used that help ensure proper ventilation. In this way, the mold spores that become airborne cannot spread to other uninfected areas of the house.

2. Cleaning

After setting up proper containment and ventilation, here comes the next step of mold remediation, in which all the moldy areas are cleaned and disinfected. If you are doing it yourself, you should use Mold Stat. You can also use chlorine bleach to kill mold. The technicians use highly effective products to kill large-scale mold and apply biocide/moldicide/fungicide solutions on the affected area to stop the redevelopment of mold.

3. Fixing Mold Source

In this step, mold remediation technicians identify and fix mold sources. They repair every source of moisture or humidity. For example, a leaking pipe, a seeping duct, or any other thing that causes moisture.

4. Encapsulating Mold

This step is about encapsulating the mold that cannot be removed. For this purpose, paint or similar material is used. However, it is necessary to fix the source of mold before going for encapsulation. Moreover, the mold area should be completely dry and every source of moisture should be fixed. Otherwise, encapsulation will fail in remedying mold. Mold Remediation Really Works

Mold remediation, if performed by licensed and experienced professionals, not only can help remove mold from your house but also bars it from developing again.
Keeping in view the importance of mold mediation, as toxic mold can undermine your health as a resident and can impact you negatively while selling your house, you should always hire remedying services of an experienced and trustworthy company to see immediate and lasting effects.

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