Does Insurance Pay for Mold Remediation?

Does Insurance Pay for Mold Remediation?

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Does Insurance Pay for Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation is among the various damages that are covered by homeowner insurance. The answer to this question can be both yes and no, depending on the causes of mold growth in your house.

Almost every insurer covers mold growth, but only to an extent. No insurance for mold remediation fully pays for remediating mold grown from any cause in your house.

Let’s learn about the most common situations where your insurance may or may not pay for mold remediation.

When DOES insurance cover mold remediation

Perils are the events that may damage your house, and you can claim the damages from the insurer. Homeowner insurance only pays for mold grown because of a covered peril. If the source of the mold is other than a covered peril, insurance will not pay for its remediation.

Since the prime cause of mold growth is water seeping and leakage, learn which water-related perils are covered in your policy. For example, you can claim the removal cost only if any of the following perils caused the mold:

  • Water leakage and seepage due to damaged or leaking or burst pipes
  • Water leakage because of a malfunctioning house equipment
  • Water damages caused while extinguishing a fire erupted in your house.

All the above perils are initial damages, while the mold is the resulting damage. The insurer will pay for the resulting damages. However, it will not cover the initial damage. You’ll get limited coverage for mold remediation, as no insurance company pays more than $15,000 for a single occurrence.

When DOESN’T insurance cover mold remediation 

The mold that formed because of the lack of upkeep or negligence of the owner isn’t covered by the insurance. If mold formed due to damage, that wasn’t “sudden or accidental,” you won’t get paid either.

Also, if the mold in your house is grown due to water damages because of an act of nature, such as floods or rains,  you’ll not be able to claim the damages. Homeowner insurance rarely covers mold caused by storm surges. However, you’ll be paid for mold remediation if you have a flood insurance policy along with the standard homeowner insurance.

How to get your mold damage claim approved? 

If you are planning to file a mold remediation claim, follow the steps below to avoid having your claim denied by the insurance company:

  • Attach photos/videos of the damage with your claim
  • Attach the up-to-date maintenance records
  • Carefully follow all the instructions of the insurance company for processing the claim
  • Hire only the approved mold removal companies for mold remediation


Since mold is a nasty, dangerous, and costly issue, it’s advised to do thorough research before buying or renewing your insurance policy because not every homeowner’s insurance policy fully covers mold remediation.

There’s no exclusive insurance for mold remediation that you can buy to keep you safe from the extra cost of removing and treating the mold from your house. Hence, the only safe way is to learn about the cases and situations in which you will be on your own for mold remediation.

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