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Mold Removal
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Our Mold Removal Solution

For removal, our mold solution is an ultra green plant based enzyme solution that is all natural and organic, poses no health threat to humans or pets, and is environmentally friendly.

Our mold removal product is FDA Approved, and EPA Registered to kill mold. But it does more than that, it removes mold by first bonding with mold, then ingesting it. It then converts it to an amino acid with no allergenic properties. Our solution is applied with hand held fogging machines and seeks out surface, air, and hidden mold and mold spores. As long as there is mold present, the enzyme continues to work. Once the mold is eliminated, what’s left is a light, clean scent, and healthy living environment, and excellent indoor air quality.

Green, mold-free home - We use a healthy mold solution - Vero Mold Remediation - Vero Beach, FL

Traditional mold remediation methods employ harsh chemicals, which are potentially hazardous, harmful to the environment, and stop working on contact with a surface. These are applied after removing floors, walls, carpeting and other materials. Rooms then need to be rebuilt further adding to the expense.

Our Primary Goals


Provide a clean, healthy environment for our customer in a cost efficient manner.


Perform our services as non-invasive. We avoid removal of building materials unless there is physical or structural damage.


Deliver a permanent solution.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Mold

The terms mold and mildew are non-technical names used to refer to any fungus that is growing in the indoor environment. Mold colonies may appear cottony, velvety, granular or leathery and may be black, brown, yellow, greenish or other colors. Many reproduce via the production and dispersion of spores. They normally feed on dead organic matter and provided with sufficient moisture, can live off many of the substances found in homes, such as wood, cellulose found in the paper backing on drywall, insulation, wallpaper, glues used to bond carpet to its backing, and everyday dust and dirt. Certain molds can cause a variety of adverse health problems, including allergic reactions and immune responses (e.g. asthma), infectious disease (e.g. histoplasmosis – infectious disease primarily of the lungs), and toxic effects (e.g. aflatoxin – induces liver cancer).